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"And yet it moves(Galileo Galilei)
...because insight and adaptability help us on."

Area human change
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Consultant Profile - Prof. Dr. Marc G. Lucas

  "And yet it moves..." (Galileo Galilei)



Dr. Marc G. Lucas - Psychologe MBA (USA)


Prof. Dr. Marc G. Lucas

Dipl. Psychologe



Qualität Transparenz Integrität - Forum Werteorientierung in der Weiterbildung e.V.

Consultant Profile - Consulting Experience (since 1993)  
  • Freelance Consultant for own company "Lucas Consulting & Coaching" (LUCOCO)
  • Senior Consultant for world's leading Human Capital consultancy
  • Senior Consultant for European Career Counseling and New Placement consultancy
  • Consultant for multinational top 20 Management & Strategy consultancy
  • Director of enterprise academy and an university private research institute
  • for employees to department managers and chief executives/freelancers


Experience in the Industry (2002-2003)  
  • as Head capability Development for a leading pharmaceutical company (Switzerland)


Lectures and Research Profile (since 1994)  
  • Professor of Business and Economic Psychology (since 2015) 
  • Lecturer for universities
    • Duisburg/Essen (for Pharmaceutical Management (in English) Team Performance and Leadership)
    • Göttingen (German Red Cross University of Applied Sciences for nursing services and ward directors: from leadership and new placement and change management in hospitals)
    • Jena (for organizational psychologists: stress management, outplacement)
    • Cologne (for several chairs: change management, train the trainer, scientific working)
    • Lower Rhine (for industrial engineers in workplace health protection: self and time management, workplace health promotion, scientific working)
    • Siegburg/Rheinbach (business psychologists: stress management)
    • Witten/Herdecke (for medical practitioners: General Medicine Day, conversation techniques when talking to patients)
    • Hagen (for business economists (personnel management) and organizational psychologists (postgraduate training): stress and the idea of man, performance and responsibility, paths and directions of organizational development, salutogenesis and pathogenesis, team leadership)

  • Master of Business Administration (USA)
  • Studies and PhD in psychology, major subjects: economy, development and diagnostics
  • Client-centered therapy (Gesellschaft für wissenschaftliche Gesprächspsychotherapie, GwG) and licensure as psychotherapist according to HG law
  • Crisis intervention, traumatherapy (and others EMDR), stress management and emergency psychology
  • Certified trainer and consultant (Berufsverband Deutscher Verkaufsförderer und Trainer, BDVT)
  • Accredited coach (GwG)
  • Certified according to Spiral Dynamics/Graves Value Systems (all levels 1-3)
  • Trained reviewer in Sentence Completion Test (SCT)