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"And yet it moves(Galileo Galilei)
...because insight and adaptability help us on."

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Zen calligraphy (Japan)

Instructor: Astrid Kaiser

The circle represents growth and perfection "You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete."

R. Fuller




And yet it moves...because knowledge and the openness to change let us grow. The conception of the world changes with new challenges we have to face. Consulting services by LUCOCO create growth and take you to the new world safely. The following guarantees give you the security to go the way to success together with us.


High and always up-to-date Quality:



High-quality custom offers according to your needs by numerous and continuously updated qualifications and certifications as consultant, trainer and coach. The basis of my work are qualifications as psychologist and a Master of Business Administration. I can furthermore organize teams according to your wishes thanks to my variable and flexible network of collaborators. In this way, I can handle the most different subjects and guarantee high professionalism.


The Fireplace Conversation

Free first meeting to get to know each other and learn and to make way for new ways of thinking. Already during this first meeting you will benefit from a free consulting sequence (by several network members, if necessary) which investigates all parts of your request. For this purpose, I have developed the special method of the "fireplace conversation".



The VVI-SE™ Testing System



The web-based VVISE-testing system allows to scientifically and economically investigate various aspects of your personal and organizational development needs and to deduce and implement recommendations for specific successive steps through a personal assessment. For details, click on the link on this website.



Established Realization Techniques instead of Overhead:



Your projects will be safely realized thanks to almost 20 years of experience in top consulting, successful implementation, industry and university teaching and research in several scientific disciplines. When executing a job I work in a very person-related, implementation-related and result-oriented way and use the practical knowledge from my longtime activity. You only pay my experience and performance, no overhead, administration, or bureaucracy. With me you will get tested and solid implementation techniques instead of abstruse consulting terminology.



Consulting Triangle made of Complexity, Lightness and Stability:



Every living thing has (at least) three dimensions: height, depth and width. That's why my approach is light-footed, wide and deep. LUCOCO stands for the joy of working with complex consulting and development strategies of single persons, teams, and organizations. "Homo ludens" - the playing man - is the center of all my custom services. New perspectives and knowledge : LUCOCO's "New Look On" helps you and your company shedding old habits. Lightness and scientifically proven depth are my aspirations. In this way, emotional and economic change is sustainable."